When the days are loooonnng but the years are short

Loooonnnnng days but the years seem to fly by. Does that sum up your motherhood? Sometimes it just seems like you are spinning your wheels just doing the same old things over and over again and then you blink and the year is half over. I have found that this is especially true in motherhood. The challenge is it often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and sometimes resentful of how our days go. And when we look back on the years often times we are left regretting the time that we didn’t spend doing what matters most. I don’t think that this is what we signed up for in motherhood. It seems like a loose, loose situation, so I wanted to give you a couple of tips to make those days not seem so long. 

Tip #1- Remember that the present moment is what is really important. The truth is, the present moment is really all that we have. Sure we spend our time thinking about the past and the future but the here and now is how we actually live our lives. It’s what truly matters. So do your best to be present with your life and not wish for it to look different. Embrace all that life is offering you right now and find joy in the little stuff.

Tip #2- Remember that you are the creator of all of your emotions. I know that this might seem like a bummer but I promise you that once you take ownership that you create your emotions (not your children or your partner or anyone else for that matter) it will empower you to change those emotions when you are ready.

Tip #3- Be realistic with what you would like to accomplish each day. Remember that snuggling babies, changing bums, and feeding babies is accomplishing something. So go on and CELEBRATE your accomplishments. We do not do this enough in our day. Celebrate your wins and give yourself grace when you don’t accomplish as much as you would like.

The number one regret that I hear from my clients and moms on social media is that they didn’t spend the time with their babies and toddlers how they wished that they would. This doesn’t have to be your reality. You can be in complete control of your days.

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