Infant readiness checklist

Congratulations mama! You’re pregnant with multiples! Let me start by saying that being a mom of multiples is the best, and if you follow this checklist, you will be sure to make it an unforgettable experience. (Which is perfect because one of the top complaints from MoMs is that the first two years are a blur.) 

I’m going to get right down to what you need to get ready for twins; however, my list is going to be VERY different than other MoMs advice. What I am going to help you get prepared for, the perfect diaper bag won’t create for you, what to pack and not to pack for the hospital won’t create for you, and how many cribs to purchase won’t create for you. 

Because what you want is to fully enjoy those babies instead of being overwhelmed and stressed. What you want is to take care of their needs without being overly exhausted so that you can relish in the little moments as they grow. What you want is to feel like you are a good mom, that you are enough. I’m here to tell you that what stroller you choose isn’t going to bring you any of that. So my checklist is going to be about what you need to do to feel confident in your motherhood decisions, calm when the babies start crying, and less mentally and emotionally exhausted. 

1- You’re going to need a healthy dose of grace. Yes, you are going to need to learn to give yourself a whole lot of grace, mama. It’s a common misconception that we are supposed to know everything that there is to know about kids and motherhood, and it’s just not true. You are going to make mistakes, you are going to behave in ways that you aren’t proud of as you look back on them, and you are going to experience emotions that you wish you wouldn’t. Plan on it. But believe that you are a human and that you can do better next time. One of my hero’s, Brene Brown, has a mantra that is very applicable to motherhood, “I’m not here to be right, I’m here to get it right.” Be kind to yourself as you get it right, mama.

2- You need to decide what emotions you want to feel during motherhood. It’s unrealistic to think that you are only going to feel positive emotions, although a massive amount of those are coming your way, and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to experience. So be intentional with what negative emotions you want to feel. Did you know that you can do this? It will make all the difference in your motherhood. For me, I refuse to feel shame in my motherhood, but I am willing to feel disappointed. Disappointment allows me the space to learn and grow in what I was disappointed with my self about so that I can do better next time. Shame keeps me stuck.

3- You will want to make sure that you have your expectations set up in a way that will be useful to your motherhood. Creating very high expectations isn’t advised because we will be discouraged if we don’t reach those expectations. However, if we set our expectations low, anything achieved above and beyond we can celebrate as a win

4- Don’t look to anyone else but yourself for how you want to experience your motherhood. Society says that “twins are hard,” but if you believe that, do you know what your motherhood is going to look like with twins? HARD. Other MoMs say that having infants is exhausting but if you believe that do you know what you are going to experience A LOT of? Exhaustion. The truth is, YOU get to decide how you want to experience your motherhood, and I highly advise that you don’t just let it happen to you. You have to be the creator of it, so put in the effort to dream how you want your motherhood to go and then make it happen.

These four infant readiness checklist is the work that I do with my clients. I help moms be in complete control of their motherhood journey, so if you want help, click here and let’s get started.

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