Easy self-care while taking care of multiple infants

You know how much you are doing as a new mom of twins and I know how much you are doing. That’s why I hear you saying, “really Andra? Self-care too?” My answer to this is yes, but I’ve got you. This is self-care simplified, MoM infant style.

I’m going to spare you the explanation as to why you really do need to be doing some form of self-care each day. I’ve got tons of blog posts on the topic so if you are interested just look to the sidebar on this page, scroll until you find the “categories” section and go to the “self-care” link and it will give you all of the blog posts that I have written on the topic. Click here to go to one of my favorites if you want an empowering way to think about self-care. 

But for the purposes of this post, I’m just going to jump right in and give you 3 things that you can do as self-care that don’t take up any extra time out of your day.

1- Give yourself a wink. You read that correctly. As you are brushing your teeth, as you walk past the mirror in your bedroom, after your put the babies down for a nap; wink at yourself deliberately. You might even choose to put a gentle smile on your face as you wink too. It’s my hope that as you do this you will remember that you are amazing, that you are doing an amazing thing, and that you can smile and love yourself through the whole process of taking care of infants, even when you don’t think that you are doing a good enough job (which is always a lie, come talk to me if you don’t believe it.)

2- As you are changing your babies diaper, pay attention to the physical features of your child. Notice his/her eyes, hair, and fingers. Focus on his/her lips, nose, and ears. Doing so has a two-fold effect. You’ll be bonding with your baby, something that is self-care for you mentally and emotionally but also it will help you be present, fully enjoying your baby’s life without distraction. This may not seem like self-care but do it and then tell me that it isn’t something that you just fully enjoy.

3- If you are able/willing ask your partner to take the babies for 30 minutes so that you can rest while scrolling through the pictures on your phone so that when you are ready, it’s very easy to compile it into a memory book. You’ll thank me later when you have 10,000 pictures to go through and they are only a year old.

Self-care is about doing little things that are just for you each and every day. If you want more self-care inspiration I’ve got a free resource for you. It’s got over 20 self-care ideas and tips to planning it into your busy day as a MoM. Click here for that free resource.

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