“Dear Girl,”

The book “Dear Girl,” by Amy and Paris Rosenthal is the perfect way to start 2021. As you look at what you want to do this coming year and who you want to be, make sure that you are developing yourself in a way that will not only serve you but your children as well.

If you want help uncovering what I talk about in this episode for your own life, visit my website www.andraerickson.com and you’ll find all the ways that you can get access to me and the work that I do with MoMs.

To get yourself a copy of the book I read in the podcast here’s the information that you need. “Dear Girl,” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal illustrated by Holly Hatam.

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3 important lessons to go from surviving to thriving with multiples right now.

You will learn:

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